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What Would You Write in Your Own Obituary?

I was supposed to blog about my ROW80 goals, but when I came across this, I knew writing goals would have to wait.  So I’ll ask the title question again:  if you knew, actually knew, that you were going to die in a few days, what would you write in your obituary? They used to ask us this questions to get us to think about our goals.  When your life is over, what would you like to have accomplished?  But this is different, and Val Patterson of Utah proved it. The 59-year-old was dying of lung cancer, and he wrote his own obituary a couple of weeks ago (he died on July 10, 2012).  But it wasn’t the standard life-accomplishments version – he included a few confessions, like the fact that his supposed PhD was actually a clerical error, and that he was the one who stole that motel safe … Continue reading

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