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Swinging Chains in Cardiff

Oops–posted out of order. (Written 5/11/09) We stopped in Cardiff tonight (Monday) after about 2 hours of lovely scenery that was very much like Ireland, with a  commission from a friend in Indiana. Rita is Welsh, and grew up in Cardiff until she left as a teenager (or so I remember her telling me when she found out we were moving to Ireland).  In her childhood, there was a village green, or town square, or something along those lines, with a circle of posts and chains.  As children, she and her brother would run and get the chains all swinging at the same time. So Rita asked if we ever got over to Wales, to swing the chains in Cardiff for her. Unfortunately, I never asked Rita enough specifics.  I was afraid things had changed in 60+ years, but my physiotherapist went to college in Cardiff and told me the … Continue reading

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