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Children’s poems off to a contest

I subscribe to Children’s Writer, a newsletter for, well, children’s writers.  They have two contests a year, and the most recent one was for a set of children’s poems.  I write children’s fiction, and sometimes try my hand at non-fiction, but have never done poetry. So I noodled a few ideas in my head, preschool-oriented, and came up with three short humorous (I hope) rhymes.  One called “Bunny Ears” about tying knots instead of bows; one called “All By Myself” about choosing clothes for school, and one called “Jelly Jamboree” with smears of jelly everywhere.   I don’t know if they’re worth anything, but it was fun. Worked on fine-tuning meter and word choice with my critique group, and they’re off to the contest.  Won’t know results until June or July, but wish me luck!

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