A House in Ireland

We have a house and a moving date!  The house is brand new, actually not even finished yet, but it will be by the time we get there.  Or at least by the time all our stuff gets there.  It’s about 5 miles NW of Kinsale, which puts us definitely out in the country.  It’s about two miles from Blaik’s work in Dunderrow (dun-DARE-oh), and he’ll walk back and forth each day.

The house is big–5 bedrooms!  Small master bedroom for us, two smallish downstairs bedrooms that will be my office and an exercise room, and two larger bedrooms upstairs under the eaves.  Translation:  TWO permanent guest rooms!  Lovely large kitchen (although the small refrigerator and freezer will take some getting used to), and I think the best part is a conservatory–a sunroom to us Americans.  The grass isn’t planted yet, so they’ll leave a square for a vegetable garden for us.  There are sheep and a horse across the road.  Here’s some views from our front yard.View from driveway

View from front yard

I know it looks like we’re isolated, but there really are other houses close by.  These are just the pictures I like!

We leave on June 30 (less than 4 weeks–ack!), and will arrive in County Cork on July 1.  Tim is coming with us for a month, and the company is arranging for a furnished apartment for us until our stuff gets there in about mid-August, so that’s nice.  Since we didn’t have time to do any touristy stuff during our househunting trip, Blaik will take a few days before he goes in to the office to settle in and we’ll take the harbor cruise and visit the remnants of Charles Fort, etc.  I don’t know the whole story, but Kinsale was where the Spanish Armada landed, met up with Irish from the north, and fought the British.  Remnants of Charles Fort

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