Back Home in Indiana–Temporarily

Glorious, glorious blue skies in Indiana!

We arrived on Saturday and had two days of sun and 70+ degrees.  Now it’s in the 50s (10-12 centigrade for all you Irish friends), but still sunny.  Bright sunny, which I’ve missed in County Cork.  Spring is farther behind–the daffodils here haven’t started to bloom yet–but I walked in Starkey Park yesterday and really enjoyed it.

We’re staying with friends, Tim is with us most of the time, and we’ve had a few great evenings with Kim and John.  Lots of shopping to take back with us, plus doctor and dentist appointments keep us busy in between.

We spent Wednesday at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, and are going to a family-friendly comedy improv tonight in Indy.  And Blaik and Tim are glad to help Kim and John move into their next-door apartment (slightly larger, nicer layout) while I do the dreaded shoe and fabric shopping.  Blaik says he’d rather have a hot poker in his eyes than go fabric shopping!

It’s odd being here without a home of our own, but we’re having a grand time catching up with the kids and friends we haven’t seen for 8 months.

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One Response to Back Home in Indiana–Temporarily

  1. Susan Wood says:

    Hi Jenninfer!
    I was so happy to hear from you last week. I don’t know why I never got your emails on my work address, but this one will work. Have a great time in Oregon with your relatives. Talk to you soon!!!!!