Indiana/Oregon visit

It’s been interesting adjusting to the U.S. again. When I first started driving, it wasn’t a problem to stay on the right side of the road, but parking lots with no lane lines were iffy.  I am not too confident yet, which is why I am planning to read more on various things such as how to protect oneself after an accident and how to get back to work after an accident, just to be on the safe side. I really had to stare through the glare on the windshield to see where the steering wheel was before I got in.  Too many times going to the wrong side!  But I’ve been here two weeks now, and I finally am going naturally to the passenger side when Mom is driving.  Which means I’ll have to go through an adjustment in Ireland again.
It’s generally been lovely spring weather, a few days of 70s and more of 50s & 60s in Indy, but hardly a cloud in the sky the whole time.  Oregon has been cloudier and a bit of rain, but generally decent, plus one day that we must have been close to 70.  I’m thoroughly enjoying it, and I hope by the time I get back home it will be nice in Kinsale.

Strange to be gone for so long, though.  Indianapolis was a whirlwind, trying to mesh doctor appointments, visits with friends, doing things with Tim, Kim & John, and shopping.  Blaik took a bunch of stuff back with him, and I think my vacation truly started when I got on the plane for Oregon.

We went up to the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry with Tim on the Wednesday of that week, and enjoyed ourselves.  We split up for the guys to go to the German U-505 sub, which they loved, while I went to the Omniplex (fishbowl shaped IMAX) to watch a movie about underwater predators.  Gorgeous photography, a bit of narration, and lots of music—very interesting, except that it was a darkened room and I was tired, so guess who slept through a bunch of it???

Then Thursday night playing “Ticket to Ride” with Kim & John (we have GOT to get that game!), then Friday night with Tim at ComedySportz, a family-friendly improve down on Mass Ave in Indy.  It was a hoot, and now I’ve got an e-mail that my business card was pulled and I’ve won 10 tickets for a Thursday night show in the next month.  So hopefully Tim and some friends will get to go again.

I’m settling into vacation mode, helping Mom and Dad do fencing and fix-up and gardening so they can get the house on the market.  I was ready to go back to Ireland after the first week, but now I’m becoming a straight American again.  I spent the first week or two “translating” in my mind from Irish-English to American-English (petrol/gas, holiday/vacation, etc.) but even that’s sliding.  Just warning that all my Irish buddies are going to have to help me switch back!
Oh, and my sister wasn’t able to make it out from Montana after all, but Mick and Cindy came down, worked a ton, and we laughed our heads off at breakfast the next morning.  Started with peanut-sniffing dogs to help a horribly allergic girl at school, and quickly went downhill.  Just sing a snatch of “Found a Peanut” to Dad if you want to see him crack up.    <g>

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