Winter Weather in Cork

I’m finally getting around to posting the winter pictures from our house, instead of various other photos from all over Ireland.

Front corner of our house - looks better if you click it.

Snowy Sunrise in Kinsale - Click to enlarge

The cold continued, and we  ran out of oil!  They only gave us half a tank last time and we didn’t realize it, and of course it was Saturday afternoon when we figured it out.  They didn’t come over the weekend, and Monday it snowed (we did get our four inches – beautiful, although with no snow plows, nobody was driving anywhere).  But instead of another week of cold, it rained on Tuesday and washed it all away!  I was sorry to see it go, but it meant that the fuel truck could get out and then we had the plumber out to re-prime the boiler, and we had glorious hot water again!  We’d been warm enough – a bag of coal and closing the living room doors so the fireplace was only heating one room kept us warm enough, as long as you don’t count frigid toilet seats!  But showers were oh, so nice that night!

Overall, I’ve been enjoying this winter.  The cold that freezes the Irish isn’t so bad for us Midwesterners, and it’s meant lots of clear, sunny days and not the everlasting dreariness of last winter.  And they say that with a cold winter like they used to get here, perhaps that means we’ll have a lovely sunny summer, like they also used to get.  Here’s hoping!

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