Versatile Blogger Award

Y’know, I write because I love it, because I can’t ignore the characters and stories in my head.  I’m also a teacher at heart, hence the blog –when a writing tip helps someone in their own writing, or they just learn from my mistakes, I feel warm and fuzzy and tingly all over.  Which is why I love comments (and wish there were more – hint! hint!).

I wouldn’t have said I needed any other outside validation, but when it came two days ago, I glowed until bedtime.  My little blog, trying hard to entice emerging writers to come learn and share, has received The Versatile Blogger Award.  Wow.  On the other hand, since this blog is all about writing, I’m not sure how versatile it is.  Maybe it’s me that’s versatile?

In any case, a big shout-out and thank you to Diana Murdoch, writer-blogger extraordinaire and new blog/Twitter friend, who recommended eight blogs worth visiting, mine included.  Go check out her post so you can visit the other honorees.  Heck, pick anything on her blog and you’ll enjoy it – her writing touches heartstrings.

OK, the rules are that, after accepting the award, the winner must:

  • Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award,
  • Tell seven things about yourself, and
  • Choose up to fifteen newly-discovered blogs on whom to bestow the award.

So . . . seven things about myself.  (Why can I suddenly not remember the ideas I’ve had in the last two days?)

  1. I was a Navy wife for ten years (he left the Navy, not me!).  Somehow each change of duty station took us to the opposite side of the country, so I’ve lived all over.  Our first baby was born the day before he came home from sea, the second while he was on shore duty, and the third was born two days before he left for a 6-month West-Pac cruise.  Yes, I’m independent.
  2. I’m a college student again.  I never finished my bachelor’s degree, but I have transcripts from five different universities (see above).  So, a few classes at a time, I should finish a BA in English at the end of 2013.  And no, I’m not going to “do” anything with it.  Just keep writing.
  3. I love family history:  the puzzle, the hunting-for-clues, the burst of joy when I find someone.  But I also love finding out about that ancestor, what they did, how they lived, who they were.
  4. I was riding horses before I could walk.  Literally.  In front of my mom at first, but on my own by the time I was three, and got my first pony when I was four.  English mostly, sometimes western.  There have been a few times in my life that I’ve been horse-less (like now), but there are always friends with horses to fill that space in me.
  5. I’m a vanilla ice cream person.  Even as a kid, I’d go to Baskin-Robbins and order vanilla.  I’ve spread my tastebuds since, to orange sherbet, chocolate fudge brownie & butter pecan, but vanilla still wins out most of the time.  Unless there’s Moose Tracks in the house.
  6. I’d go back to Ireland in a heartbeat.  We spent 2-1/2 years in County Cork, courtesy of my husband’s company, and I wasn’t ready to come home.  Green, hilly, quirky, historic, enchanting, with family history thrown in. I don’t want to be an ex-pat forever, but just another year or two?
  7. I’m learning to quilt.  I’ve cross-stitched for years, but have resisted quilting – didn’t want to sit at a sewing machine after sitting at a computer. But my daughter asked if I wanted to do a Block-of-the-Month quilt with her, and I’m now working on the first one.

Here’s my list of brilliant blogs that I’ve discovered recently.  Some of them are “life blogs,” some are writing blogs, and some are a combination.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Bliss Habits: Cultivating Everyday Bliss      Ooh, I love this one. All the aspects of the life I want, from creativity to gratitude to romance.

Simple Mom: Life Hacks for Home Managers      A great blog when you need tips to simplify your life to make time to write, or just want to get back to what’s real.

Jillian Dodd:  Glitter, Bliss & Perfect Chaos     Wacky and fun, her title says it all.  But oh, you gotta check out her MANday pics!  (Wiping drool off face)  Also a ROW80 veteran with tips – I’m really going to have to try that next go-round!

Gene Lempp    Life, writing, weekly mash-ups of great blogs to check out, and some creepy mythological creatures (complete with ideas to tie them into writing).  And he’s another of these ROW80 peeps.

Tess Hardwick: Inspiration for an Ordinary Life     Lovely, insightful posts that are stories in themselves, about writing, family & life.

Procrastinating Writer: Guidance for Writers Who Struggle to Get Started     If you procrastinate (hopefully not as much as I do), she’s got lots of tips and tricks for you.

Molly Greene: Worth Becoming     New blog by great writer and fellow Wana1011 member – fun to read now, will be fun to watch it grow.

Angela Wallace: Believe, Dream, Awaken     Hunky vampire smackdown contests, paranormal book reviews, plus various life and writing thoughts.

One of the best things about this award has been exploring the blogs that Diane listed.  So enjoy exploring my list, and for you new Versatile Bloggers, have fun paying it forward!

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