Weekend Writing Prompts– Story Starters About Revenge

Do you ever dream of what you would do to get back at someone?  Or are you too nice?  Even if you’re an understanding person, your character doesn’t have to be.  What kind of revenge would he or she take to make someone pay for what they did?

Wait!  Make it more interesting – choose a situation below, and then spend five minutes brainstorming possible scenarios.  Do NOT write about the first one or two you list – those are the easy ones.  For a more interesting story, go with a scene you had to stretch for, one toward the end of your list.

What kind of revenge might your character take if:

  •  A party guest stole money from them?
  • Their best friend added to an untrue rumor about them?
  • Their partner/lover cheated on them?
  • Their co-worker stole their great idea?
  • A friend “borrowed” something and then damaged it?
  • After a prank or crime, an accomplice ratted them out to the authorities?
  • They find out their boyfriend/girlfriend was only trying to get close to them to find out their secret?
  • A sports competitor sabotaged their equipment?

Have fun, and come back and tell us what you wrote about!

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