Weekend Writing Prompts – Young Writers

Weekend Writing Prompts

The writing prompts here are geared to some of my younger blog readers, but can be used by anyone – just adapt to something that relates to you and your experience, which is the role of a story starter anyway. And if you’d like to share a bit of what you write, post it in the comments – we’d love to read it!

• Write about telling a secret to someone you trust. What happens when that person tells someone else?

• Write about coming home and having someone say, “I have bad news.” What’s the bad news, and what happens then?

• Describe the scariest place you can imagine. What is in the corners? Is there light? What other creatures are there. What sounds are there? What does the air feel like? What does it smell like? Now write about how it feels to be locked in there, why you’re there, and how you survive it.

PS—you’ll note that the “Saturday Story Prompts” have quickly morphed into “Weekend Writing Prompts,” especially since I missed last weekend altogether. BAD Jennifer! I should iron my fingers. And if I can still type after ironing my fingers, these Weekend Writing Prompts should show up faithfully every weekend.

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