I Thought I was Ready for Christmas, but . . .

Christmas decorations patiently waiting for me.

I love Thanksgiving and I love Christmas, but I’ve never rushed to put up Christmas decorations Thanksgiving weekend.  In fact, I usually start with just Christmas music for a week and THEN decorate.  And the tree goes up about a week later.  The week of music was on purpose, and the week of decorating was just me dragging things out.  But I thought this time would be different.

We moved back from Ireland last November and spent a couple months in a temporary apartment.  The only Christmas decorations I had were a few small items we included in the small air shipment.  Everything else was coming by slow boat, or was left here in storage in the first place.  So this year, eager-me wanted to bring the Christmas boxes down two weeks ago.

We visited out-of-state family on Friday, so Saturday my ever-willing husband and son made multiple trips from the attic:  boxes we’d had in Ireland with figurines, ornaments, wall hangings and table decorations, plus boxes I hadn’t seen for three years, including a relatively new artificial tree.  I put Christmas music on and . . . sat down in a funk.

After all that anticipation, I wasn’t ready for Christmas!

Yes, I had to push on homework assignments for my college classes.  I had normal grocery shopping to do to catch up after Thanksgiving.  I had contractors in and out with a bathroom make-over project.  But mostly I think I just needed time to shift from one holiday to the next.

It’s Wednesday now.  I’ve put the Christmas music back on (Amy Grant’s “A Christmas to Remember” right now), and it feels right.  The boxes are piled next to the piano and last night I pulled out pieces of my favorite nativity set.  I have lots of work to do today, but tonight? Haul out the holly – Christmas is arriving at the Jensen home!

When do you decorate for the holidays?  Does everything go up Thanksgiving weekend or do you stretch it out?  What’s your favorite part about decorating?


PS: I’ll be part of a fun Blog Scavenger Hunt next week, hosted by Samantha Warren.  It runs from Dec 4th to Dec 10th, her 30th birthday.  She’ll have prizes for finding answers on participating blogs, including A KINDLE! I’ll have a prize or two here as well – check back for details!


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