Minesweeper is an Evil Game

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Why do I do this?  Middle of the day, late at night . . . Minesweeper sucks me in.  It’s not totally mindless, but I play it when I can’t think any more, or just don’t want to think about hard situations any more.  Unfortunately, I also play it when I can’t figure out what to write, when I don’t want to make phone calls or balance my checkbook or clear off my desk.  And after my usual check-email-one-last-time-before-bed routine, do I actually go to bed?  No, I play yet another game or three or ten of Minesweeper. Seriously, I at least should try myself at https://casinoenligne-francais.net/lucky31/, to brake the routine. Oh well, another time.

Now, it’s not that I love Minesweeper so much.  It bugs me to have a thinking game that begins with random clicks and getting blown up over and over just to get the board started.  I’d much rather play Mahjongg or Freecell or a few others.  But a couple weeks ago my computer started requiring double-clicks in games instead of single.  It wreaks havoc with my carpal tunnel issues, and Minesweeper seems the only game left for me.

I guess that would be okay, but Minesweeper has this evil issue built in.  Hubby o’ Mine calls it the “50-50-90 choice.”  You play carefully, get through the whole 99 squares except for the last two.  You have a 50-50 chance of choosing the one without the bomb.  And a 90% chance that whichever one you pick will be the wrong one.   And for me, it seems to be more like “50-50-100,” ‘cuz I always pick the wrong one.

The degree of evilness should be the same on any minesweeper game, right?  Oh, no, that would be too nice.  Different games from different programmers have different difficulty levels, even at Expert.  The particular one I play (it has a game board large enough that I can actually see what I’m clicking) likes to put at least four 50/50/90 choices in the game.  So what are the chances that I’ll actually win?  And what do I do when I don’t win?

Play another game, of course.


What’s your favorite game to procrastinate?  What chores are you avoiding?  And does anybody have tricks to stop after three games?


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