It’s the Little Things that Say I Love You

Forget the diamond earrings.  Forget the trip to Hawaii. I’ll take the little things that say “I love you.”

Now, don’t get me wrong. I would love diamond earrings or a Hawaiian vacation. And Hawaii especially, because I read on this guide that it is one of the most memorable places to be in.

And don’t try to pass off the everyday chores as ways he says he loves me.  Yes, I do appreciate that he works hard to support the family, that he takes the garbage out and changes the oil and fixes leaky faucets and washes dishes when I’m busy.  (Hey, we like the traditional division of labor!)

Daily chores are definitely appreciated and do show love, but they don’t make me tingle inside.

What does?

It’s the kiss on the back of my neck while I’m cooking.

It’s him picking up a Snickers bar for me when I send him out for the forgotten Thanksgiving dinner ingredient.

It’s the phone call during a busy workday, just to tell me he’s thinking about me.

It’s his finger tracing down my cheek and the soft look in his eyes as he gives a quick kiss before leaving.

It’s his smile when I smile at the pomegranate he put in my Christmas stocking because I don’t like the traditional tangerines.

There are little things I do for him, too:  notes in his gym bag, bringing home his favorite puzzle magazine, occasional Hershey’s kisses in his lunch, a candlelit dinner, or when I . . . hmm, I’d better stop there.

Little things, but special things.  Things that don’t cost anything, but that show that the quick goodbye kiss isn’t just habit.  Hubby O’Mine, I love you.

What about you?  What little things do you do for your sweetheart?  What does your sweetheart do for you?  Even if we already do little things, we all need more ideas and encouragement, so please add yours to the comments!



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