When a Book Contract Goes South

Agent finds blog.  Agent likes writer.  Writer likes agent.  Editor likes writer.  Writer, liking the size of the paycheck, agrees to work-for-hire contract.

Writer wears her butt, fingers and brain out researching and writing.   Editor can’t quite articulate the balance or tone desired in proposed book.   After three tries and much beating head against wall, editor and writer decide to call it quits.

Sigh.  Repeat sigh.

What’s left to do after two months of intense work?  Get on with life, I suppose.  To say I was disappointed is an understatement, and I gave up quite a lot to work on this project, but in the end we basically fired each other.  And I was so burned out the last week that I wasn’t sorry to see it go.

But . . . (there’s always a “but” isn’t there?) . . . somewhere along the way I had a revelation, one of those lovely shower-time thoughts.  The first chapter I had submitted missed the mark big time – I had been told Young Adult, which was wrong, and the book he gave me as an example turned out not to be the type of book they wanted written.  So . . . what was stopping me from taking that initial research that couldn’t be used, and writing my own e-book when I was done with the big one?  Hmm, nice idea.

And then when it all fell apart, well, that was my research and those were my words, and the publisher has no claim on them.  So what’s stopping me from doing my own book?  Or at least an e-book covering the topics that fascinated me?

NOTHING is stopping me!

Nothing except burn-out, anyway.  It’s taken me a couple of weeks to feel like working again, but I started rewriting my material last week.  And there’s even enough balance in my life right now that I’m finally reaching out to people again.  So be warned, all you blog and twitter and ROW80 followers – I may be easing into it, but I’m b-a-c-k!

And if you’re curious as to the topic of the aforementioned book contract (and future e-book), keep an eye out for upcoming blog posts once I figure out what to use as teasers!

ROW80:  I’m late to the party, but I will be joining in again.  Will post new goals next time.


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