Phillipa Gregory plus Sunday Funnies: Girl Vanishes in Outhouse

For all you Phillipa Gregory fans (The Other Boleyn Girl, The Kingmaker’s Daughter, etc), she’ll be having a live video chat over on Goodreads on Wednesday (Aug 29) at 1:00 pm Eastern time.  Here’s the Goodreads link to the invite.  I’ll be there – will you?

Now, on to the other important stuff!  Our Sunday Funnies spotlight today is a candid-camera type prank, where the girl not only doesn’t come out of the outhouse, but the outhouse vanishes, too!  The looks on people’s faces are priceless.  Enjoy!  (ROW80 update is below.)

And for the last important stuff of the day, it’s been a good week for me getting used to classes and especially getting a handle on my Shakespeare homework, but my very few ROW80 goals only get a 50/50:

~Write every day:  well, um, *looks at ceiling, out window, anywhere but here*, I only managed one day out of six.  Only one.  That did include both my book and my blog, but still . . . sigh.  Too much time reading too many of your blogs!

~Exercise wasn’t anything fantastic, but was at least better than that!  Did my stretches 6/7 days, most of them at bedtime.  I know, I know, but at least I did them, right?  And I did better about getting up and walking around instead of long periods just sitting.  Plus I had three days of, well, not focused exercise, but at least more movement than normal.  Never thought I’d be grateful for so many stairs on campus.  *grin*

Click on this linky to check in with other ROW80’ers.  Cheers!

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