Sunday Funnies: Happy Hippo plus ROW80

It looks like it’s going to be a happy, sunny Sunday!  Hope you’re all having the same lovely weather we are.  And to add some fun today, here’s a Happy Hippo that will have you rolling on the floor.  Yeah, I know – it’s a bit juvenile to start, but keep watching!


OK, now that your brain is primed, let’s continue with Scotland the Brave:


I needed these laughs, because the first half of the week wasn’t pretty.  Downright double-dog ugly, in fact.  Do I hear a “How ugly was it?” out there?  It was SOOO ugly that . . .

Well, let’s see:

My website went down Monday and piled another rocky block onto the already tilting tower of homework, writing, family, and other facets of real life.  After numerous clicks, reboots, links, etc., it mysteriously fixed itself on the stairs between my Mac and my son’s PC!  Actually, it turned out to be GoDaddy, not me, but still oh so aggravating.

Worse, when I lifted the laptop cover to reschedule something while the website was down, I got blasted by a box that said YOU MUST RESTART YOUR COMPUTER. PRESS AND HOLD THE START KEY UNTIL …  I knew my poor Mac had been doing the tortoise crawl while my son’s computer was zooming like the hare, and I knew it wasn’t quite the blue screen of death, but I really didn’t want to leave it at the Apple Store for a week or whatever.  I mean, you can’t expect me to work off a flash drive on a PC, can you?  CAN YOU??  All right, you can, and I was prepared to bite the bullet, but I was not a happy camper.

And after a week and a half of building pressure, I reserved a night at a State Park inn when Hubby O’Mine said he was taking Friday off (something needed to give before the engine blew).  Thursday consisted of oversleeping, cramming to pack and gather school stuff in the morning so I could pick him up from work afterwards, spend all my test review time searching for a parking space, bomb the test because I didn’t get to review (OK, bomb for me means not an A, but it was still frustrating), and then get a text from said Hubby asking me to bring his toothbrush and phone charger – two hours after I had left home!

On the other hand, there were some decidedly scrumptious parts of the week:

The Genius Bar staff at the Apple Store are really geniuses!  Found my problem AND explained it to me in 15 minutes.  I fixed it at home with another 15 minutes (never put Norton Antivirus stuff on a Mac – it doesn’t uninstall easily) AND I didn’t have to leave my computer behind!

I got to go up and hold my grandbaby for an hour that evening.  Sigh.  Smile.  Peace.

We had a delightful time at the park, lovely Inn, gorgeous hike, and a river tour through a cave nearby.  Followed by homework today and Indy’s Irish Fest this evening – wonderful!

So for my ROW80 goals, I didn’t write (except for an essay for my creative non-fiction class), I didn’t get a mid-week blog post up, and the only exercise I got was a 3-1/2 mile hike that left me with a foot that still aches.  But I’m calmed down and happy and at least somewhat on top of things for next week.

What about you?  Was your week double-dog ugly or decidedly scrumptious?  Don’t forget to go check out (and offer support to) some other ROW80 writers!

And just to send you off with a smile, here’s one more Happy Hippo, just ‘cuz I like the song, The Lion Sleeps Tonight. 

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