Linkfest: Children, Writing Tips and Granny’s Health Plan

I’ve been saving links to blogs I really liked, some new and some old, and it’s sharing time!  And not just blog links – there’s an ROW80 goal update at the bottom.

Some heart-warming, life-affirming, thought-provoking, general feel-good stuff:

Kids don’t just go to school, play, and do a few small chores – they can help in big things, too!  Leanne Sype’s son Sean has a caring heart, and a willing mind, as she writes in When Life Gives You Lemonade.

Lynette Burrows shared a great post on keeping a child-like creativity.  It’s kept me thinking … a lot!

Over on Bliss Habits, Dani Nelson continues that thought with all the positive things you get when you live Life with a Side of Silly.  Because what’s better than a smile?  (Ignore the giveaway at the bottom – it’s over.)

Reading Pretty LIttle Liars got Emma Burkhart thinking about the friendships in her life – the real ones and the earlier, not-so-great ones, and celebrating the power of true friends.

For Writers:

Who is your audience?  I was taught to write a story with one imaginary, but specific, reader in mind.  Don Blank over at Writer Unboxed goes beyond that advice and asks some good questions on which real people are your readers, and where you’ll find them in “Do You Know Who Your Audience is? No, Really: Do You?”

Over at StoryFix, Larry Brooks wrote on why character-driven stories still need a plot, with a great dialogue with a  rather clueless imaginary writer.  Unless, of course, Larry based it on me!  No, I’m not that bad.  Am I?

A DIY Writing Retreat can be so much more than just writing time!  Ami Hendrickson explains how at MuseInks.  I’d love to plan one just for me, maybe between Christmas and the start of the new semester.

Why your book gets rejected, from agent Chip MacGregor.  Looks like a great site to spend some time on.

Whether you write SciFi/Fantasy, mysteries, romance or something else, Charlie Jane Anders has gathered some great advice for you about self-doubt, early success and early failure, surviving in this economy, writer’s block and more.  Go check out Great SF authors share their biggest writing setbacks — and how they triumphed.

And here are two more for those who deal with distractions:

Writing in Zen Mode with WordPress, from AuthorMedia, and

Keeping the writing flowing with Write or Die, including tips on gentler modes than Kamikaze when you don’t want to chance losing your words.  Or if you just don’t like going into a freaking-out panic mode!  Samantha Warren guest posts over on Marcy Kennedy’s blog.

For Fun:

Check out the ultimate interview techniques used by WANA-founder Kristen Lamb.

When you’re done laughing and feeling sorry for poor James Scott Bell, head on over to …

Piper Bayard’s take on The Granny Plan for health care.  Very important information … well, sort of … okay, it’s just plain entertaining.

And K.B. Owen posted Too Good to Eat – a jaw-dropping collection things you can do with food!

ROW80 Goal Update:

Keep up with schoolwork:  A-.  I haven’t managed to keep evenings free, but I got hit with two extra Shakespeare assignments and I haven’t drowned yet.  Besides, I’ve just had two days of Fall Break, so I’m ready to go again!

Edits on ShimmerA.  Making good progress.

Two blog posts a week:  C.  I’m only managing one, and it looks like they’ve all be Wednesday’s for the last two weeks!  Hmmm…

Healthy Eating:  F, except for the last two days, which get a C.  Stress management techniques included a week-and-a-half-long Halloween candy binge (can’t resist the mellowcreme pumpkins!), but I’m back to my normal now.  Will try to focus more on it through the rest of the week.  As per this link, The vitamin B family is among the most important to strengthen your blood vessels and thus, prevent vein issues or at least keep them at bay if they’re already surfaced. For those who have a history of vein issues and blood clots in their family, vitamins B6 and B12 are particularly important.

Five minutes of cardio:  A!  Had to back off on the elliptical but substituted stairs, and I’m doing about 8 minutes, plus my PT exercises on some days.  Hurray for me!

Stretching:  B-.  Off and on, must do better.

That’s it for me.  What about you?  Head for the comments section and let us know what you think about my goals, your goals, or any of these awesome blog posts!

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