Soul-Warming Comfort Music from The Piano Guys: Titanium-Pavane

It’s a down day today, and I needed a little (huge?) boost. That stirred up in me a wistful feeling of the time I spent watching shows at the Opry. Lo and behold, a friend sent a link, and I’m sharing it with you.  So enjoy some comfort music/inspiration/feel good sounds, compliments of The Piano Guys:

OK, I can get on with my life now.  But as long as I’m here, it’s time for a quick ROW80 check in:

  • Schoolwork:  a very difficult A.  I managed everything, but the load is increasing.
  • Edits on Shimmer:  D.  School assignments took over. Hope to get back to it soon, but it may need to wait for Thanksgiving week.
  • One blog post a week:  B.  I’m here, but only because it’s quick.  I did, however, take some time to spew thoughts on paper that may turn into later posts here, so that’s good.
  • Healthy eating:  C.  Still more sugar than I need, but much better than last week!
  • 5 min of cardo:  Changing this one.  I haven’t been doing the morning stuff, so that gets an F, but it’s been somewhat replaced by two exercise classes a week, which get an A.  Stretching is at a B, which is pretty good considering.

What music do you put on when you’re down and depressed?  Something upbeat, or something comforting?  And how are you doing on your writing and life goals?  Enquiring minds want to know!



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