RSS and Me – Technological Alzheimer’s

RSS icon, illustration by Matt ForsytheThanks to Amy Andrews, my new tutor/blogging guru over at Blogging with Amy, I’m finally getting around to adding an RSS feed.  Blog readers need convenience, right?  Yeah, I know.  I’m not only slow, I’m almost a technological dinosaur.  (And if there are any other technological dinosaurs out there, here’s a visual description of what an RSS feed does.)

Since you read RSS-fed blogs in a “reader,” I decided to open a Google Reader account.  To my amazement … drumroll … I already have one!

Not only slow, but forgetful!

So then I click on Amy’s link to Feedburner.  It takes me to Google Feedburner, and guess what again? It seems I’m already set up!

Not only am I already set up, but I have one subscriber.  One.  Pitiful, until I remember that my blog doesn’t even have a little RSS button, which is why I started this whole adventure in the first place.

So I click on Amy’s link to Church Crunch for a walk-through on how to optimize my feed and … gee, this looks familiar.  *asks self how bad memory problem really is*

I go through all the optimization again, and the only thing left is to put an icon on my blog page.  BUT I CAN’T FIND AN ICON!

I download a WordPress plug-in, but don’t like way the form looks.  I want a cute little icon, dagnabbit!  So I download several more plug-ins, check on the way the site looks with each, and … no difference.


Finally I re-read one description and notice the word “widget.”  I go to my widgets and – aha! – there they are.  No cute little icons, but hey, I find one that’s simple and works.  I hope.

So if you like to read blogs through an RSS feed, be brave and test it for me – click on it now.  Or if you prefer an e-mail subscription like I do, head for the section right above that.  I promise not to overflow your inbox.

Moi, I love subscribing by e-mail, but what’s your take on it?  Why do you prefer RSS over e-mail (or vice-versa)?  Or if you don’t subscribe, what stops you?

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