Red for Life!

Get Your Red On!

Get Your Red On!

I just changed into a red shirt, so now I can write this.

My father had congestive heart failure.  My grandmother had a quadruple bypass in the early days of such things.  Other relatives have had heart attacks or live with other heart issues.  And yet I worry that if I had a heart attack, I wouldn’t recognize it.

I know that symptoms for women – shortness of breath or an aching jaw, among others – can be very different than the left arm pain that many men get, but they can be so vague it’s easy to pass them off as something else.

So in honor of National Wear Red Day, I’m sharing a video that’s not only fun, but will help me (and hopefully you) remember:

Today (February 1st), the American Heart Association is asking everyone to wear red to help spread the word.  (February is their Go Red for Women month.) And if you zip over to Susie Landau’s AHA fundraising page, you can donate any amount to the AHA and get a link back on her blogroll!

We all have people in our lives who have had heart attacks, or who live with heart problems.  So pass the word (Tweet, Facebook, blog, or just plain talking face-to-face), and thanks to Susie, who passed it to me!

Did you know these symptoms already? Were any new to you? Do you have a heart story to tell?  Scroll down and leave us a comment!

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