Lynn Kurland, Where Have You Been All My Life?


With Every Breath: enjoyed it the second time as much as the first!

Most of you know I love time travel.  I enjoy romance, as long as there’s more depth to the story than just misunderstandings keeping the would-be lovers apart.  And I’m far more interested in the story than the sex scenes.

So how come it took me this long to discover Lynn Kurland and her time-travel romances?

I picked up my first one a few months ago and have been enchanted ever since.  Kurland splits her books between two main families: the MacLeods in Scotland and the de Piagets in England.  Mostly they’re two separate casts of characters, but occasionally the two families cross paths.

The MacLeod castle and grounds have places that are time travel portals, to the point that the Laird has private maps for the family with big red Xs, and lots of no trespassing signs for anyone else.  Different portals go to different times, but of course accidents occasionally happen.  I think the de Piaget castle has the same issue, but it’s been a bit since I’ve read one of those.  There are also a few ancestral ghosts thrown in that add plot twists and some hilarity.

So modern women find themselves unexpectedly back in the 12th or 14th century.  Gorgeous, brawny men with great sword and dagger skills may find themselves facing the intricacies of modern life.  But there is always something else going on – some treachery within or without the clan, for example, that threatens the lives and livelihood of the main characters.  I like that this drives the stories forward, rather than the plot revolving inanely around two people who can’t admit their love.

The modern gals all carry strengths of their own, which is good because Kurland’s medieval alpha-males aren’t looking for weak women.  They do hold to their code of honor, however, which creates a PG-rating with the romance based upon love, bravery, sacrifice, and head-spinning kisses rather than heavy-duty sex.  And that’s the way I like it.  (I will add, however, that I went back to her earlier books to “start from the beginning” and was disappointed.  She got much better after the first few.)

Being a romance, you know they’ll end up together and defeat the bad guys.  They may stay in the future or return to the past (which creates delightful comments and mind-boggling family relationships with recurring characters).  It’s just sheer fun to read a well-written story, watch the characters grow and change and marvel at the love they’ve found while wondering if they actually get to keep it.

Kurland’s time-travel romances are light reads for me, and perfect when I’m in that particular mood.  I just wish the library had more of them – I can’t afford to buy them all!

What about you? Are there “old” authors you’ve just recently discovered?  Are there other time-travel romances I’ve missed?  Leave a comment below – enquiring minds want to know!

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