Calling All Time-Travelers

printing pressI promised big news in my last blog post, so here goes:  my middle grade novel, Through the Shimmer of Time, will be released in exactly one month!

Can you see me jumping up and down?  Are you jumping up and down with me?  Squee!  So here’s the back blurb:

A mysterious pottery shard . . .

            A haunted cabin . . .

                        A shadowy stranger . . .

                                   And no way home

Present Day: Jim has a talent for getting into trouble. Grounded from his model rockets, he goes exploring where he shouldn’t and gets zapped back in time. Can he find the way back home again or is he marooned in the past?

1838: Hannah’s life in her frontier village is filled with a little play and a lot of hard work. A seemingly harmless trick lures a strange, dazed boy from the old haunted cabin. Now Hannah must make a choice – and face the dangers.

Together, Jim and Hannah struggle to unmask a thief and solve a murder while they search for the key to unlock time.  It will take courage and wits, plus the rocket motors in Jim’s pocket, just to stay alive.

I’m currently formatting the manuscript for a Kindle version, working with a cover designer (the awesome Melinda VanLone), and finding out all about ISBNs for the print edition.  Plus calculating costs, contacting bloggers, breaking pots (yes, you read that right!), and more you probably don’t want to know about.

But that’s not all!  I’ll be hosting an online book release party on August 1st, complete with book give-aways, trivia contests, and who knows what else, so mark your calendars!  For those who prefer to hold the actual book while they read, Through the Shimmer of Time will be available in print later in August, with a real-life book release party locally.

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