Shimmer of Time: Cover Reveal

I have two new shiny things to distract you today!  Well, make that one shiny and one a bit dingy.  And if you get this in your email, you’ll have to click the title – the pictures only show up on the blog.

The best new shiny is the official cover reveal for Through the Shimmer of Time.  I’m thrilled with it, and with my cover designer, Melinda VanLone, of Book Cover Corner.

Middle grade time-travel adventures!          

The cover design comes with its own story.  Because I wanted my cover characters to be the right age, and because of the 1830s period (the Civil War era would have been much easier), stock photography sites didn’t have anything we could use.  So guess who turned photographer?

I found two awesome young people who were very willing to be part of my book journey, set my trustworthy old Canon on “sport” so the shutter speed was fast enough to compensate for hand shakes, and we did some hot, muggy photo shoots.  Add Melinda’s magic, and voila!  What do you think?

Also, I’ve been digging around to find a countdown clock.  I thought it would be pretty, but I’m having problems getting it to look like I want.  Sigh . . . the trials and tribulations of a non-programmer, who has to get back to the business of producing a book.  But it’s here, up in the top right of the page.  Mark your calendars and set your watches – that’s how long until Shimmer becomes available on Amazon.

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