Surrounded by Story

Notice anything different?

I’ve been thinking about the direction I want this blog to take. Everything I’ve written has fallen under the “Reading, Writing & Real Life” categories, but that’s because everything fits there. Reading meant favorite books while Writing has included how-to’s, the writing life, and my own work-in-progress.

The mish-mash that is my blog

The mish-mash that is my blog

Real Life, on the other hand, has ranged from learning to quilt to living in Ireland to the simple pleasures in life. Those are all fine, but sometimes I go off on a rant about trivial things that should probably be left for Facebook, or ramble about something that’s probably too personal and shouldn’t be posted at all.  Writer’s remorse?  Oh yes.

As I come back to regular blogging now, I’d like a little more focus.  I’ve pondered, tested out ideas, and pondered some more.  What I keep coming back to is story.

The stories I read and the stories I write – yes, of course they’ll still be here.  But also the stories that surround us all.

photo by "nickkmoch" via freeimages.comThe best family gatherings aren’t about the food or asking how old a niece or nephew is now, they’re about getting to know one another, telling stories around the dinner table or campfire.

Time spent with friends is often best when we do more than ask how the job or kids are, but share stories about particular times.  “He said this” and “I did that” are the stories of our days.

My Dad

My Dad

I do a lot of genealogy, but just finding names and dates aren’t enough.  As I learn the details of my ancestors’ lives, they become real people to me and I can imagine their stories.

Stories connect us to each other.  Stories enrich our lives.  Stories give us hope and empathy and new ideas.  And as we take those connections and feelings and incorporate them into our own lives, our own stories grow into something to be shared.

I can’t imagine life without being surrounded by story.  I hope you’ll enjoy the stories I share, and that you’ll share some of your own, by "asafesh" via



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