Am I Coming or Going?

Time travel is great, but how about the ability to split yourself and be several places at once?

Photo by Michael Sean Terretta via Flickr, CC

I’ve been guest blogging to get the word out about Shimmer, and today I’m over with mystery writer Kassandra Lamb and the rest of the gang at Misterio Press.  They asked me to write about Conner Prairie itself – the living history park that was the inspiration for Through the Shimmer of Time.  And as a bonus for you, I even included some of the mistakes I almost made!

I felt like I was splitting myself when, at almost the same time, the uber-creative Coleen Patrick hosted my dilemma over just how much creativity I can really claim.  I thought it was Blog Stop #3, but gee, let’s go back and count.  No, it was #4, which means I’ve done . . . hmm, I’m not sure my brain has the energy to count.  I just know it feels like I’ve written more than I have in a l-o-n-g time, especially since Shimmer has been in edits and production for the last while.

Do you get the idea that my head is spinning out of control?  Me too.

I am immensely grateful for the chance to write and get the word out, though, and for bloggers who are willing to help.  Wouldn’t you agree they’re awesome?  So while I recover from all the deadline writing, would you show some support for my blog hosts and see what wacky things I’ve written for them?  Please click over and read (and comment!) on these posts:

  1. End-of-summer, back-to-school rituals.  Or not.  At Myndi Shafer’s Ordinary, Extraordinary Life
  2. “Booking a Time Travel Vacation,” in which I put in requests with a special kind of travel agent.  At Pauline Jones’ The Perils of Pauline: Life Happens. A lot
  3. Favorite “Olden Days” moments that captured my imagination, with another middle grade writer, Lynn Kelley.
  4. My struggle with creativity (and a look into how my mind works, if anyone is brave enough), over at Coleen Patrick’s Read. Smile. Repeat.
  5. And finally, we’re “Walking the Paths of the Past,” spotlighting Conner Prairie and the advantages of “being there” for historical research at Misterio Press.

But wait!  Don’t call yet!  For $19.95, you also get . . . . No, seriously, there’s one more Blog Stop to go – an actual interview about writing – scheduled to hit the blogosphere next week via Joanna Aislinn.  Watch for it!

PS:  Did you notice?  There’s a new tab at the top:  “Read an Excerpt!”  Click on it and see what Through the Shimmer of Time is all about.

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