Dreaming of a Time Travel Agent!

Photo: William Worby via Flikr Commons

The Ultimate Time Machine!  Photo: William Worby via Flikr Commons    

For the second stop on my Shimmer of Time blog tour,  I’m talking to a time travel agent about the possibilities of booking a trip to the when of my dreams!

So many choices – where and when do I want to go?  And where would YOU want to go?

Hop on over to The Perils of Pauline to discover my favorite time travel trips, and to tell us about your own.  Or come back here and leave your dream trip in my comments!

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And in the meantime, great news!  Through the Shimmer of Time popped up to #6 in one of its Kindle categories yesterday, and even made the top 100 in ALL time travel books, including umpteen versions of Stephen King’s 11/22/63 and all the Magic Tree House books.

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