Today’s the Day!

Come celebrate with me!

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Through the Shimmer of Time is now available on!

It’s in Kindle format only right now, but there are free Kindle apps for any iPad, tablet or non-Apple device out there.  And once you buy it, you can even lend it to someone else!

(Note:  clicking here takes you to Amazon through my affiliate link, which means that you pay your normal price but I get a few extra pennies.  More about that in a later post.)

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The print version is coming soon, hopefully within a week.

And for all my friends in Ireland and England *waves*, you can head for  It’s even on the French and German sites, although the book is still in English.  Sorry, you can’t have everything.

And now, on with the celebration!

snoopy happy dance photo: Snoopy Dance dancing20snoopy.gif
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