My Solar-Powered Self

fascinated by thunderstorms (image via Flickr CC)

The power of thunderstorms fascinates me.  Tree branches whip in the wind, rain pelts against the roof, hail clatters on the deck and the skylights.  Thunder rolls and cracks, and I count seconds until the flash of white.  When the lightning and thunder come on top of each other, I startle, shudder and look on in amazement, safe in my house.  No matter what I’m supposed to be doing (including sleeping at night) I find myself drawn to the window to witness the spectacle.

Muffled in fog (image via Flickr CC)

On the other hand, when cottony fog muffles the outside world, cocooning me in my solitary day, I’m grateful that the only commute I have is the three paces to my computer.  And when a soft, gentle rain waters the grass and flowers, I feel like taking a book out to the outdoor table set.  These gray days make me glad to stay home and curl up.  It should be the perfect time to write, but I’ll often end up with a blanket over my legs and a favorite novel in my hands.

Glorious Sun! (image via Flickr CC)

But I take my energy from sunshine – not the humid, dog-days of summer, but the crisp spring days now.  I recently heard someone say her kids called her solar-powered, and that’s me.  I can bound out of bed after a good night’s sleep and the promise of a sunny day energizes me, giving hope to actually accomplishing a good portion of my to-to list.  Or I can wake up tired, growling at the world, and the sun on the trees cheers my soul.  And when something goes wrong mid-day and frustrations set in, give me half an hour in a sunny chair by the flowers and I can cope with a smile. Such is the efficacy of the sun, that one can manifest the sun & its energy as themselves and be able to depict themelves from it. Although I have the best solar power company on my side which helped me install solar panels on my roof, I still wonder at times how much would the environment gain if the entire block did the same as me. But not only the whole of earth thrives off of the energy garnered from the sun, but also machines, from companies like RENEW ENERGY, have known the potency of the sun’s energy.

No wonder people try to go solar in all possible ways. If you also consider installing solar at home, read these Top 5 Things You Need To Know About Running Your Home On Solar – Enlyten Energy. It might as well convince you to make the right decision.

Most of the time, anyway.  [wc_fa icon=”smile-o” margin_left=”” margin_right=””][/wc_fa]

The best combination: a sunny day and a good book (image via Flickr CC)

On these glorious sunny days, I try to do my writing in a notebook outside – for as long as I manage to keep my brain going.  I might pull a few weeds absentmindedly, letting my thoughts run, or take a long walk to get the body and mind moving again.  I plant flowers and vegetables and take joy in watching them grow.  I read outside and let the sun warm my skin and scalp, and a cool glass of water keeps me from overheating.  And when I finally go in, I bustle with the energy I’ve been soaking up like a plant.

I can take joy in many different kind of weather (as long as the tornadoes stay far away, thank you), but the bright days of spring and early summer are my favorites.  I’m solar-powered.

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