Graduation Day: A Son Finds His Road in Life

My best Mother’s Day gift this year was the realization, once again, of the joy of watching my children find their passion. This is what we did yesterday:

The Newest Grad in Our Family

Bryan, my oldest son, received his Bachelor’s in English – a long first step on his way to becoming a university professor.

It’s been hard to watch sometimes – after exploring Chemistry Ed, English Ed, English Lit, Accounting, Poly Sci and who knows what else, I sometimes despaired that I would ever hear the passion in his voice that he needs to have for his life’s vocation.  And he despaired of taking so long and still not knowing what he wanted to do.

No more, please, NO MORE!

No more, please, NO MORE!

Through these years, though, he found he does want to teach, just not high school. And he’s discovered that he’s definitely not into 19th Century Literature enough to do a doctorate in either American or British Lit.

beowulf cover

Beowulf for Pleasure Reading

On the other hand, he loves Shakespeare, is intrigued with Dante’s Divine Comedy, and reads Beowulf for fun. Never had a class that covered it, just likes to read it. And did I mention he does it FOR FUN?

So now, when he talks about the Medieval/Renaissance literature field, I’m hearing the excitement that reassures me he’ll be happy in his chosen field, even if it does require six more years of heavy-duty schooling. And that gives me joy.

He’s not alone – his siblings have given me the same pride lately – but I’ll tell you about them the next time. For now, it’s Bryan’s time to shine, and I’m immensely proud of him.


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