Those ADD Moments

Is it a Senior Moment? Or just a tendency to ADD?  Here’s two minutes of my squirrely brain this morning:

Head to the kitchen for breakfast.

Chilly in the house, do I want a sweater?

Look on couch to see if it’s there from last night.

See sunshine outside, need to feed the birds.

On the way to kitchen for birdseed, pass stairs.

Oh yes, my sweater is down there from last night.

But if I’m going downstairs, I really ought to take the laundry and start a load.

Turn for bedroom for dirty clothes.

Stop myself, “No, Jennifer, it can wait.” Turn back towards kitchen.

Need Scriptures to read at breakfast—where’s my iPad?

In kitchen, oh yes, bird food.

Feed the birds, notice iPad on DR table on the way back in.

Cold feet, think about socks.

Back to bedroom for socks.

See sweater on floor from last night, put it on. Forget the socks.

Back to kitchen, pull up Scriptures on iPad.

No socks, feet are still chilly, but ok.

Why am I here? Oh yes, breakfast!

At least I posted on Facebook that I want to give my cement planters away without getting sucked in for an hour. Even if it did have its own squirrely episode.

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