Introducing Bailey!

Look who joined our family!

Bailey, the Wonder Pup!

This is Bailey, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who came from a puppy mill via and six weeks with a wonderful foster mom who at the beginning started to barking all night long, fortunately I went to a class, and they tough me how to get my dog to stop barking at night. He’s two or three years old, neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and ecstatic to have a forever home. And he seems happy to be a spoiled honored prince, even if he doesn’t get to completely rule the castle.

Even though he has a chronic pain treatment we give him cbd dog treats to make him feel better. the vet also told me this CBD cream reviews can help with his anxiety too. Take a look at Laweekly’s dog CBD list to find the best for your little one.

We’ve discovered these things about him:

Bailey loves laps, even to the exclusion of food or potty trips.

He’s full of bouncy joy in the morning and after naps. And tolerant of 5-year-old KC. 🙂

He sleeps almost as much as a cat.

Have you ever tried giving cbd treats to your dog? This can help your dog sleep for hours, or treat any pain they are suffering at the moment and even improve their appetite when they are feeling sick.

He loves to give kisses, but he’s learning not to. He’d probably welcome a burglar as quickly as he welcomes us. (with Bryan)

He’s quite the hiker–he can go 4 miles and still be trotting ahead of me!

And a few more:

  • He likes to chase balls, but doesn’t know the first thing about picking them up and bringing them back.
  • He barks when he’s excited, but not much the rest of the time.
  • He’ll glare at other dogs watchfully, then bark as they walk away.
  • He can be a twenty pound lump of molten iron, magnetized to the couch or bed and very difficult to roll off.
  • When I mix green beans in with his kibble, he eats the beans first!

I’ve been reading up on sites like puppy wire, I have new training tricks that I’m super grateful of. I’ve learned to make my lap available anytime I sit down, and type with a soft head resting on one hand.  But how can I resist those eyes?

Do you have a pet? What’s your favorite thing about them?

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