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Gotta-Read Blog Mashup

I’m behind in my blogging schedule.  So sue me.  (Actually, if you find I’ve got any money worth suing me for, let me know!)  Anyway, here’s a mash-up of last week’s awesome blog posts I found, which I had planned on posting this weekend.  Better late than never! ***Note: If you’re looking for answers to Stephanie Warren’s Blog Scavenger Hunt and can’t find them here, be sure to click on the Jen’s Writing Desk tab. Myndi Shaffer had a lovely read about holiday traditions and cream cheese sugars cookies. And when you’re done with that, you’ll want the recipe!  So here’s the direct link to that.  Enjoy eating! Have you ever watched a show with someone living a primitive life for a few months? Known (or heard about) someone who gave up chocolate for a year?  What could you live without?  And what happened when Tim O’Brien had Six Days … Continue reading

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Weekly Blog Mashup for Writers

As I browse blogs each week, I’ll post a mash-up of the best ones here.  Some have great writing tips, some are focused on publishing, and some are just plain fun.  Enjoy! First, some awesome advice from Joanna Penn:  Writer’s Block: The 12-Step Cure Jane Friedman has a great post over on Writer Unboxed about shifting our normal writers’ attitudes about query letters and blog headlines. If you’re interested in finding like-minded people on Twitter, with some Twitter etiquette thrown in, try Kristen Lamb’s excellent post here. Children’s and YA writers know that the kids need to solve their story conflicts themselves, not have parents or teachers step in for them.  But does that mean parents shouldn’t show up at all?  Kait Nolan has some great advice. And last but not least, have a little fun with I Write Like….  You enter several paragraphs (or more) of your own writing, … Continue reading

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