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RSS and Me – Technological Alzheimer’s

Thanks to Amy Andrews, my new tutor/blogging guru over at Blogging with Amy, I’m finally getting around to adding an RSS feed.  Blog readers need convenience, right?  Yeah, I know.  I’m not only slow, I’m almost a technological dinosaur.  (And if there are any other technological dinosaurs out there, here’s a visual description of what an RSS feed does.) Since you read RSS-fed blogs in a “reader,” I decided to open a Google Reader account.  To my amazement … drumroll … I already have one! Not only slow, but forgetful! So then I click on Amy’s link to Feedburner.  It takes me to Google Feedburner, and guess what again? It seems I’m already set up! Not only am I already set up, but I have one subscriber.  One.  Pitiful, until I remember that my blog doesn’t even have a little RSS button, which is why I started this whole adventure … Continue reading

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The No Good, Very Bad Dangers of an Electric Blanket

I bought an electric blanket for my mother’s visit last week.  The guest room is chilly, she’s 77 years old, and wise daughters do NOT separate their mothers from their electric blankets in the winter.  And I’m a wise daughter, right? She loved it, and when she left, I moved it down to our bed.  We like sleeping in a cool room, but I hate getting into a cold bed.  And while my husband is the world’s best heater, he doesn’t like sharing his heat directly with my frigid feet. So.  Friday night.  I turned the heater down, but stayed up playing a stupid game on my phone.  I couldn’t let the computer trounce me that badly, now, could I?  (If you like to be stupid too, go check out “Farkle.”) Chilly in the living room, shivering in the bedroom.  Turn the blanket on ten.  Teeth, face, prayers.  Climb in … Continue reading

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Ruled by My iPhone

Somewhere in the fine print of my cell phone contract, I think I missed the part where I’m required to always have it on.  And with me.  And answer it. I knew living in Ireland would require some major adjustments, but the one I didn’t anticipate was a social group that expected me to have my mobile phone with me all the time.  This wasn’t just the youngsters, it was everyone in my generation, too.   Although we had a landline, most of them insisted on calling the mobile and leaving a message instead of trying the other number. They didn’t e-mail, they texted. I couldn’t hear the mobile from the other end of the house, especially if it was still in my purse.  Why should I be required to have it surgically attached?  And I didn’t think to check it for messages on a regular basis.  I was a mild … Continue reading

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Sunday Funnies: Abbott and Costello Do Math

Sunday Funnies:  In honor of the back to school season, here’s Abbott and Costello giving us a great math lesson to remember. Enjoy! And my much-delayed ROW80 goals: After a stressful spring and summer filled with both good and bad things, I’m back writing and blogging, but I need to keep a balance.  Especially since my college classes start this week (although I won’t need Abbott and Costello’s math tips). So my goals are pretty basic: Write every day, six days a week.  Blog, novel, short story – doesn’t matter how much as long as I get started.  Because as long as I don’t get sidetracked by games, 15 minutes easily turns into an hour most days, right? Some sort of exercise every day, if only stretches.  And stretches are a must! That’s it.  Too much pressure makes me shut down, and then I don’t get anything done, don’t talk … Continue reading

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Fun with Google Tricks

 Sometimes I just like to sit at the computer for fun, as opposed to the multitude of hours I’m putting in on this book project right now.  So in the hope of providing some distraction for you in the midst of your work, here are some tricks from Google’s engineers – who obviously aren’t all humorless programming geeks.  (Some of them have been around for a while, but they’re still fun to re-visit.) First, type these words into a Google search and see what happens: Askew (or Tilt) Do a barrel roll Zerg Rush (and then wait a moment) These work for most people, but for some reason my mother’s computers blocked the fun.  One computer was on Windows XP and the other was Windows 7, so I don’t think that was the problem.  I think her internet provider just blocked it somehow.  So if nothing happens, go to a … Continue reading

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