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Lionel Ritchie and Princess Di

Lionel Ritchie’s song, “Three Times a Lady,” came on the radio tonight.  I have beloved memories of dancing to that with Blaik whilst on the road to becoming engaged, and wondered, as always, what or who the song is actually talking about. – So since I was already puttering on the computer (don’t ask, don’t tell policy on what constitutes puttering!), I googled it.  Came up with lots of references to an album, but clicked on one with the story. – Turns out that it’s a tribute to a friend of his who was a male, had an transsexual operation, couldn’t keep doing his/her previous steel working job, and had a change back.  Then went to Thailand where it’s more accepted, changed to female again, but the surgery was botched.  Changed back, but not well.  Then his/her story was made into a movie, and the person took that money, had … Continue reading

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