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This Year, May is Mine

May is redbud trees and flowering crabapples and weeping cherries. May is planting petunias and lobelia and bee balm. And tomatoes and cucumbers and green beans. May is hummingbird feeders and songbird seed and trying to outsmart the squirrel. May is thwarting thistle and decapitating dandelions. May is losing myself in garden books and backyard landscape plans. May is putting my college boys to work digging out dying shrubs and tilling new beds. May is a whole month off between spring and summer semesters at college. May is sunny days and having the heater off and the windows open. May is pleasant nights and putting the electric blanket away. May is eating right and trying new recipes. May is lots of gym time, Pilates videos, and power walks in a shady park. May is sewing curtains, painting the kitchen, and actually seeing the surface of my desk again. May is … Continue reading

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The Simple Pleasures in Life

  I’m not going to talk about how often we overlook the small moments of wonder in our busy lives, or how to stop and see them more often – that’s for another post.  I just want to mention a few simple pleasures that, if I pause to remember them, bring their joy into my life again. *** The squish of sand between my toes. The surprise of spring grass in the late summer, after a drought. The softness of my one-month-old granddaughter’s hair. The cheerful sound of my daughter’s voice. Standing amongst my tomato plants, salt shaker in hand. Watching a hummingbird hover outside my window. Light at the flick of a switch. A thick, soft towel, warm from the dryer. The sound and feel of delightful words like sassafras and serendipitous. The crackle of a warm fire on a bitter cold day. The nicker of a horse, the … Continue reading

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