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Sunday Funnies – Prank Time!

(For some reason this didn’t post yesterday, so here it is on Monday instead.) I had a different blog post in the works, but it’s now on hold while I share a laugh with you.  Settle back and enjoy a minute or two of giggles and admiration for a well-planned, well-executed prank! Glad it wasn’t me – I think my heart would have stopped! (For more giggles, here are some of the previous Sunday Funnies.) Are you a prankster?  Do you like being pranked?  Leave a note in the comments and have a great weekend.  I’ll be back in a few days.

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Sunday Funnies: History of English in 10 Minutes

I was rolling on the floor watching this  – history, wordplay and attitude all in one.  Enjoy! (And a big thank you to writer and blogger                    K.B. Owen for introducing me to it. *waves* )     That’s it for today.  Have a great week, everyone, and I’ll be back with a post about Wednesday.  Cheers!

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Sunday Funnies: Happy Hippo plus ROW80

It looks like it’s going to be a happy, sunny Sunday!  Hope you’re all having the same lovely weather we are.  And to add some fun today, here’s a Happy Hippo that will have you rolling on the floor.  Yeah, I know – it’s a bit juvenile to start, but keep watching!   OK, now that your brain is primed, let’s continue with Scotland the Brave:   I needed these laughs, because the first half of the week wasn’t pretty.  Downright double-dog ugly, in fact.  Do I hear a “How ugly was it?” out there?  It was SOOO ugly that . . . Well, let’s see: My website went down Monday and piled another rocky block onto the already tilting tower of homework, writing, family, and other facets of real life.  After numerous clicks, reboots, links, etc., it mysteriously fixed itself on the stairs between my Mac and my son’s … Continue reading

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Sunday Funnies: David Tennant, Catherine Tate, and Shakespeare

    Our Sunday Funnies today are for all you Whovians.  Here’s David Tennant teaching Catherine Tate in an English class, with a bit of Shakespeare thrown in.  Tune your ears to some British accents and come along for the ride.  (And if it doesn’t make sense to you, you’ll just have to watch a few Dr. Who episodes and get hooked like the rest of us!) ROW80 Update: Unfortunately, Shakespeare seems to be the class that’s sending me to the overwhelmed side of the room right now.  It’s been a rough week – I started a cold on Sunday that lingered through the week and left me way behind schedule with readings – especially Romeo & Juliet.  Three assignments on it due this week before we start Henry IV.  Sigh. Needless to say, my ROW80 goals rather fell apart.  I did spend two days with my writing, which included … Continue reading

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Sunday Funnies: Schroedinger’s Cat . . . and Zombies?

I clicked on the YouTube video below when I was looking for a simple explanation of the Schrodinger’s Cat problem. I’m still not sure I understand, but the zombie kitties had me laughing! Enjoy! Now that you’re done giggling, it’s time for my weekly ROW80 update. I’ve been doing a LOT better on the health side.  I’m 7 for 7 on stretching, and 4 for 6 on extra exercise – either my PT stuff or walking.  Hurray!  Between that and my chiropractor and massage therapist, my back is decent again after going kaput hauling a backpack around my first week of school. (Shouldn’t have been so stupid in the first place, but I’ve lightened the load now.) Writing?  Well, better than last week.  It’s been a busy week homework-wise, so my energies have been spent there.  But I’m 3/6 on writing, and two of those days included my novel!  Hurray! … Continue reading

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