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Starting Late: ROW80 Goals

What did Robbie Burns say?  The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men gang aft agley.  Or as we Yanks put it, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. I won’t go into the upheaval in life right now – that’s for another post – but I didn’t get started with ROW80 last week as planned.  My goals were mostly written, though, so here they are.  I plan to work seriously toward them, but I’ll cut myself some slack when things get rough again. Writing:  to polish and send out middle grade novel, and finish rough draft of adult novel. Write 5 days a week, sessions to include: Write 1,000 words a day, OR Work at least one hour on plotting/editing. Social Networking:  to connect with other writers, be inspired, build readership. Blog twice a week, plus ROW80 check-ins. Get Jen’s Writing Desk going again with … Continue reading

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And the Winner Is . . .

What a fun week it’s been.  I had a few more blog readers, more comments, and more re-tweets than I expected!  Thank you all – they were fun to read and I hope to see you back here again, now that I won’t be spending all my time on contest posts and college classes.  (No, I’m not done, but I only have one final exam left for this semester.) Not only that, but I hope some of you checked out Samantha Warren’s blog, who started this whole thing with a Blog Scavenger Hunt for her birthday.  I found several new bloggers I liked, and I even won a prize one day!  As a participating blog, I couldn’t play on the days my blog was featured, so I wasn’t eligible to win the Kindle Mini, but some lucky person did. Speaking of which, the winner of Susan Wiggs’ The Goodbye Quilt … Continue reading

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I’m in a Blog Scavenger Hunt – Win a Kindle!

Fellow blogger Samantha Warren is having a blog scavenger hunt to celebrate her 30th birthday, and I’ll be part of it, both here and at Jen’s Writing Desk.  To participate, go to Samantha’s blog (click on the picture above) where you’ll be directed to different blogs each day.  She’ll tell you exactly how it works, but the gist is that you’ll have to search for the answer to a particular question on each blog, and then report back to her.  She has several prizes, but the person with the most correct answers will win a Kindle Mini! (Hmmm, can I do it too?  Have to check the rules!) In addition to Samantha’s fun, I’ll be providing two prizes of my own.  Here at JenniferJensen, you can win a copy of Susan Wiggs’ lovely book, The Goodbye Quilt.  (Click here to read an excerpt.)  Over at Jen’s Writing Desk, you can … Continue reading

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Sharing Writing Tips

As I work on my own writing, I find myself wanting to share.  Tips and tricks I’ve learned, problems and frustrations, writer’s conference experiences, the excitement and dread of submissions.  I compose blog posts in my head all the time, but have never done anything with them. So here I am, finally starting a writing blog.  Hopefully it won’t be just me talking – I’d also like to have on-going discussions, share books and authors and writing websites we think are great, and even include some author interviews. I invite you to come along for the ride.  And if there’s something you think should be up for discussion – writing related, of course – drop me a note.  Maybe you’ll even get to post a guest blog!

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