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Weekend Writing Prompts – 6 Spooky Story Starters

In honor of Halloween, we’re doing spooky story starters this weekend.  Dust off your ghost-story-telling abilities and see where these ideas take you. Daylight, dense fog, muffled sound. You go for noon walk anyway. Describe your walk, and what happens when a dark shape suddenly looms before you. Late at night, flat tire, country road. What do you hear? How do you feel? Do you trust the man who pulls up in a pickup truck? Children are in bed, you’re reading a book in the living room.  You suddenly feel a prickle of skin – someone is watching you. What happens next? Turn several lights on in hotel room, put wallet on dresser and use bathroom.  When you come out, wallet is on the bed and two lights are turned off. What do you do? How do you feel? Dusk, walk through autumn woods with dog, listen to birds. Dog … Continue reading

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Weekend Writing Prompts – Young Writers

The writing prompts here are geared to some of my younger blog readers, but can be used by anyone – just adapt to something that relates to you and your experience, which is the role of a story starter anyway. And if you’d like to share a bit of what you write, post it in the comments – we’d love to read it! • Write about telling a secret to someone you trust. What happens when that person tells someone else? • Write about coming home and having someone say, “I have bad news.” What’s the bad news, and what happens then? • Describe the scariest place you can imagine. What is in the corners? Is there light? What other creatures are there. What sounds are there? What does the air feel like? What does it smell like? Now write about how it feels to be locked in there, why … Continue reading

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