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Productivity and Cute Baby Animals

I didn’t believe it.  You’re not going to believe it.  But I dare you to try! Matt Stopera over on BuzzFeed.com mentioned a study that proves* viewing pictures of baby animals increases productivity.  And then follows it with some of the cutest pictures ever.  And by golly, I actually got up and did the exercise session I had been putting off, and then came back to write this post – absolute, undeniable, irrefutable, incontrovertible proof that it works! So here are your instructions: Go to Baby Animals Scientifically Proven to Increase Productivity. Look at the pictures with a task in mind.  Try not to spend extra time with oohs and ahhs. Come back here and tell us how you felt and if you were more productive, or actually did the thing you’ve been putting off. (Of course, the science only “proves” that viewing baby animal pictures is better than viewing … Continue reading

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Wildlife Safari and Elephant Car Wash

I haven’t been to Wildlife Safari in years, decades even, and Mom, Dad and I went last week with a special purpose:  an elephant car wash. We owned two cars, but as the old sedan was costing too much maintenance, so we got the cash for car and used the cash to enjoy on this trip. We drove through the park, had a close encounter with an emu (or was it an ostrich?), loved watching one giraffe wander in and out of the feeding barn and park vehicles looking for attention, and laughed at the hippo lying in the mud, not moving from one go-round to the other more than an hour later. The rhinos were up on a hill laying down and we couldn’t see them well, and the lions had their own pens within the lion enclosure, instead of being in the open  where we had to keep our … Continue reading

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Homes for Cats

Hallelujah, Amen!  (We just sang that for Easter, and it was awesome!) Anyway, both Blinkin and Pumpkin found new homes this weekend.  After having signs up at the grocery store, where everyone puts everything in Zionsville, and having lots of people pull the little phone number tabs off but not call; after putting signs up in feed stores, especially for Blinkin who likes to spend most of his time outdoors; after asking friends and neighbors for months; I put an ad in the paper for free cats and got more calls than I imagined.  Partly because I said “neutered, 12, current shots” and people wanted to know if it was 12 weeks, 12 months or 12 years (it’s years), and were they male or female?  Doesn’t neutered automatically mean male?  Blaik would say, “What do you expect?  These are Hoosiers, after all.” So Blinkin has gone to a home with … Continue reading

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