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Versatile Blogger Award

Y’know, I write because I love it, because I can’t ignore the characters and stories in my head.  I’m also a teacher at heart, hence the blog –when a writing tip helps someone in their own writing, or they just learn from my mistakes, I feel warm and fuzzy and tingly all over.  Which is why I love comments (and wish there were more – hint! hint!). I wouldn’t have said I needed any other outside validation, but when it came two days ago, I glowed until bedtime.  My little blog, trying hard to entice emerging writers to come learn and share, has received The Versatile Blogger Award.  Wow.  On the other hand, since this blog is all about writing, I’m not sure how versatile it is.  Maybe it’s me that’s versatile? In any case, a big shout-out and thank you to Diana Murdoch, writer-blogger extraordinaire and new blog/Twitter friend, who … Continue reading

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