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St Patrick’s Day in Ireland

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! But first, please save me from American advertising!  Whoever started the change from Paddy to Patty should be taken behind the barn and pelted with cooked cabbage.  Patty is a girl’s name, for heaven’s sake, and nothing to do with the venerated Irish saint. Patrick, in Irish, is Pádraig.  Pronounced something along the lines of pah-drig or poh-rig, depending on which part of Ireland you’re from (and how much this American can mis-interpret Irish pronunciation).  Pádraig is no doubt where the nickname Paddy comes from, so please don’t say Patty.  Madison Avenue, are you listening?  More to the point, local PR firms putting ads in local newspapers and TV stations, are you listening?? OK, rant over.  I promise.  Maybe. One more comment about St. Patrick’s name.  If the Irish shorten it to anything, it’s St. Pat’s, or just Patrick.  That seems to go for anything from … Continue reading

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Driving on Irish Country Roads – with video

Have you mastered The Basics?  That’s grand, then, so.  Onward to country lanes: First, disabuse yourself of the notion that you get to see the Irish countryside when you drive.  Make a rule that the driver looks at the road and the passenger gets to look out the side window if you want to avoid problems. But don’t worry, the passenger won’t see much either.  Irish country roads tend to be guarded by tall hedges, which the farmers typically use instead of fences.  And which are not see-through. In the next picture, the thickish green brush curving up the hill is a tall hedge, with a smaller hedge to the right and the road in between.  Drivers here are lucky – they actually get to see to the right, provided they can dodge the potholes on the way up a 10% incline! Once you know what to expect, prepare yourself … Continue reading

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A House in Ireland

We have a house and a moving date!  The house is brand new, actually not even finished yet, but it will be by the time we get there.  Or at least by the time all our stuff gets there.  It’s about 5 miles NW of Kinsale, which puts us definitely out in the country.  It’s about two miles from Blaik’s work in Dunderrow (dun-DARE-oh), and he’ll walk back and forth each day. The house is big–5 bedrooms!  Small master bedroom for us, two smallish downstairs bedrooms that will be my office and an exercise room, and two larger bedrooms upstairs under the eaves.  Translation:  TWO permanent guest rooms!  Lovely large kitchen (although the small refrigerator and freezer will take some getting used to), and I think the best part is a conservatory–a sunroom to us Americans.  The grass isn’t planted yet, so they’ll leave a square for a vegetable garden … Continue reading

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Ireland House-hunting Trip

Hallelujah!  We’ve finally matched up on a date for our house-hunting trip to Ireland, and it’s confirmed.  We’ll be leaving on Saturday, May 24th and coming back a week later on the 31st.  I guess we spend two days with Jeanne, our Lilly helper there, looking for a rental house, setting up a bank account, etc.  Then the other three days are for us to go shopping and browsing, seeing what we can and can’t get there, checking out schools (except we have no kids coming, so that’s a moot point), etc.  And taking lots of pictures!  We’ll probably meet up with some of the other American Lilly families, hopefully get to the church branch in Cork, depending on when we get in on Sunday, and basically treat it like a second honeymooon.  Fun, huh?

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