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Climbing Mount St Helens…or Not

We’ve known since last year that we wanted to climb to the summit of Mount St. Helens back in Washington.  My sister had suggested it for 2016 without realizing we needed permits for the high country, so we planned it for 2017 instead, coinciding with her college graduation at Oregon State. (Which was fabulous—you rock, E!) The summit of Mount St. Helens isn’t supposed to require climbing gear, but it’s still tough, according to Kandoo Adventures, and that’s what we were looking for, a big-but not crazy-challenge.  There’s a rise of 4000 feet in elevation, with about two miles of forest, two miles of a boulder field, and a mile of ash field. And then back down. It’s a little hard to prepare for a climb like that in Central Indiana (the land of the flat), but we did the best we could.  Eagle Creek Park has trails that are … Continue reading

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