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Home Depot and Cialis?

Need a break from all your stress?  Then this is for you, compliments of the inestimable Kristen Lamb, who somehow connected Home Depot, Cialis and The Matrix in a way that had me rolling on the floor as I read and still giggling several days later.   Click over to Kristen’s blog to read the entire post if you’d like, and be sure to scroll to the bottom to see what I’m up to this week! “…Anyway, if you grew up like I did, knocked half unconscious with boomerang compliments, then you might have turned to books, shows, magazines or mentors/gurus to learn to think in “healthy” ways. Perhaps you even went on-line in search of some kind of “non-toxic” affirmation that you were not a total disappointment. And OMG! *angels sing* There it is! The Media LOVES US for WHO WE ARE We found it! The site for women … Continue reading

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Choosing White Paint is Not for Wimps! (and other fixing-up advice)

Choosing white paint is not for wimps!  I didn’t think it would be any big deal, but it was.  The off-white we used at the Lebanon house seemed fine.  So I dipped a stick in it, had Home Depot do a color match, and bought 5 gallons. Along with the paint, I also picked up some other bathroom accessories. I’d been on unclutterer.com the other day and found some interesting bathroom ideas I could implement. My plan was to paint white over dark color (read more for some tips). Painted one coat in our bathroom.  It was green!  Was it because of the green drywall underneath?  No, the second coat wasn’t any different.  Dip a stick in the new paint, lay both above the edge of the shower surround.  The original was a tad green, but Home Depot’s was definitely greener. If those frequent Home Depot visits tire you out, you can entrust … Continue reading

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