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Chasing the Mailman

Friday:  Waiting for the mailman is a difficult thing for an author.  The postal tracking number showed that the print proof of Through the Shimmer of Time would arrive today, and the mail comes about noon.  I worked hard on guest blogs in the morning so I could enjoy the moment. 11:30 – No mail yet. 12:05 – Mail!  But no book package! 12:07 – Back inside, I check the USPS tracking number on the computer.  “On Delivery,” it says. Is it on a package-only mail truck?  Or did it go astray? We’ve had mail mis-delivered before. I sign up for text alerts and they send one immediately, telling me once again that it is “on delivery.” 12:32 – My phone chimes.  The text from USPS says that the package has been delivered. 12:32 – I check the mailbox again.  I check the front porch and beside the big garage … Continue reading

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Sunday Funnies – Prank Time!

(For some reason this didn’t post yesterday, so here it is on Monday instead.) I had a different blog post in the works, but it’s now on hold while I share a laugh with you.  Settle back and enjoy a minute or two of giggles and admiration for a well-planned, well-executed prank! Glad it wasn’t me – I think my heart would have stopped! (For more giggles, here are some of the previous Sunday Funnies.) Are you a prankster?  Do you like being pranked?  Leave a note in the comments and have a great weekend.  I’ll be back in a few days.

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The No Good, Very Bad Dangers of an Electric Blanket

I bought an electric blanket for my mother’s visit last week.  The guest room is chilly, she’s 77 years old, and wise daughters do NOT separate their mothers from their electric blankets in the winter.  And I’m a wise daughter, right? She loved it, and when she left, I moved it down to our bed.  We like sleeping in a cool room, but I hate getting into a cold bed.  And while my husband is the world’s best heater, he doesn’t like sharing his heat directly with my frigid feet. So.  Friday night.  I turned the heater down, but stayed up playing a stupid game on my phone.  I couldn’t let the computer trounce me that badly, now, could I?  (If you like to be stupid too, go check out “Farkle.”) Chilly in the living room, shivering in the bedroom.  Turn the blanket on ten.  Teeth, face, prayers.  Climb in … Continue reading

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Fun with Google Tricks

 Sometimes I just like to sit at the computer for fun, as opposed to the multitude of hours I’m putting in on this book project right now.  So in the hope of providing some distraction for you in the midst of your work, here are some tricks from Google’s engineers – who obviously aren’t all humorless programming geeks.  (Some of them have been around for a while, but they’re still fun to re-visit.) First, type these words into a Google search and see what happens: Askew (or Tilt) Do a barrel roll Zerg Rush (and then wait a moment) These work for most people, but for some reason my mother’s computers blocked the fun.  One computer was on Windows XP and the other was Windows 7, so I don’t think that was the problem.  I think her internet provider just blocked it somehow.  So if nothing happens, go to a … Continue reading

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Twisted Laundry Creates Twitchy Minds

Laundry should be straightforward, shouldn’t it?  I mean, do a load of wash, switch it to the dryer, and fold it when it’s done, right?  Wrong. First you open the washer, only to find a wet load still in there.  Is it old enough to be musty and needing a vinegar rinse?  No, I’m lucky this time – Mom had put it in the night before.  But I reach in to transfer it to the dryer, and find out I’m not so lucky after all. I pulled a towel out with effort.  The jeans wouldn’t come at all.  Mom had put in a mixed load, and when I say mixed, I mean every type and state of clothing and fabric imaginable. The sweater arms and one leg of the jeans were tied like an inept boy scout’s knots.  A pair of nylons wound its way in and out of everything, … Continue reading

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