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Driving in Ireland: the Basics

The first step toward driving in Ireland is to ride in the front passenger seat with an Irish driver.  When you’ve done that enough so you don’t cringe and lean sideways every time an oncoming car seems to be HEADED DIRECTLY FOR YOU, then you might be ready to shift to the left side and drive. Remember: The Irish very thoughtfully provide these signs on the main roads leaving airports.  By the time you stop giggling at the mental image of Hogan’s Heroes’ Sergeant Shultz yelling “Achtung! Drive on Left!” you’ve relaxed.  Until you realize there’s no center line on your small highway and you’re actually back on the right hand side.  But don’t worry, the Irish are generally very patient with dumb Americans and will just nod and continue when you’re finally back on the right correct side of the line. That center line turns out to be very … Continue reading

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Definition of Stress

OK, I’ve been Stumbling pages and came across this.  Made me smile, hope you smile too!

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“Rachmaninoff Had Big Hands!”

OK, I was sent a link to a YouTube video that was absolutely hilarious.  I watched a few, then followed it to the original Igudesman & Joo web page, where the best ones are posted.  Here it is–enjoy! Rachmaninoff had Big Hands

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