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St Patrick’s Day Flash Mobs

In honor of the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day, I’ve got three videos to make you smile.  First, though, a word from our sponsor: Jennifer’s Pet Patrick’s Day Peeve. The advertising world doesn’t have a clue about Irish names, and insists on referring to St. Patrick’s Day as St. Patty’s Day.  WRONG!  Patrick, in Irish, is Padraig (with a few accents thrown in that WordPress won’t let me include.)  If you shorten Patrick the Irish way, you get Paddy, never the girl’s name Patty!  So now you know, and you’ll never make the same mistake as Madison Avenue, right?  RIGHT?  And now, back to our show . . . First up is in Australia – a country almost as popular with Irish emigrants as the US! Here’s another that becomes great fun.  People stand in a designated spot to try Irish Dancing, with a holo-image of an Irish dancer beside them.  But … Continue reading

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Galway – Connemara Weekend

I had a Branch Conference to attend in Galway on Sunday, and it’s a long 3-1/2 hour drive.  So instead of driving up by myself, or trying to organize a lift, Blaik took time out from his Cork Branch Presidency duties and we made a weekend of it. Got into Galway on Friday night and stayed in a delightful little hotel called Ward’s. It has old-fashioned decor, soft seats in corners for a chat, a large room with a wide screen tv (perfect for watching GAA matches), and a pub on the ground floor.  I had read that they had a trad music session every Friday night, but evidently that doesn’t happen in the off season.  Staircases with twists and turns, old photos and paintings, an antique globe on a hall table, the whole thing took you back a century.  Except the rooms had modern en-suite facilities (bathrooms).  Overall, much … Continue reading

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