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Driving on Irish Country Roads – with video

Have you mastered The Basics?  That’s grand, then, so.  Onward to country lanes: First, disabuse yourself of the notion that you get to see the Irish countryside when you drive.  Make a rule that the driver looks at the road and the passenger gets to look out the side window if you want to avoid problems. But don’t worry, the passenger won’t see much either.  Irish country roads tend to be guarded by tall hedges, which the farmers typically use instead of fences.  And which are not see-through. In the next picture, the thickish green brush curving up the hill is a tall hedge, with a smaller hedge to the right and the road in between.  Drivers here are lucky – they actually get to see to the right, provided they can dodge the potholes on the way up a 10% incline! Once you know what to expect, prepare yourself … Continue reading

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Winter Weather in Cork

I’m finally getting around to posting the winter pictures from our house, instead of various other photos from all over Ireland. The cold continued, and we  ran out of oil!  They only gave us half a tank last time and we didn’t realize it, and of course it was Saturday afternoon when we figured it out.  They didn’t come over the weekend, and Monday it snowed (we did get our four inches – beautiful, although with no snow plows, nobody was driving anywhere).  But instead of another week of cold, it rained on Tuesday and washed it all away!  I was sorry to see it go, but it meant that the fuel truck could get out and then we had the plumber out to re-prime the boiler, and we had glorious hot water again!  We’d been warm enough – a bag of coal and closing the living room doors so … Continue reading

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A House in Ireland

We have a house and a moving date!  The house is brand new, actually not even finished yet, but it will be by the time we get there.  Or at least by the time all our stuff gets there.  It’s about 5 miles NW of Kinsale, which puts us definitely out in the country.  It’s about two miles from Blaik’s work in Dunderrow (dun-DARE-oh), and he’ll walk back and forth each day. The house is big–5 bedrooms!  Small master bedroom for us, two smallish downstairs bedrooms that will be my office and an exercise room, and two larger bedrooms upstairs under the eaves.  Translation:  TWO permanent guest rooms!  Lovely large kitchen (although the small refrigerator and freezer will take some getting used to), and I think the best part is a conservatory–a sunroom to us Americans.  The grass isn’t planted yet, so they’ll leave a square for a vegetable garden … Continue reading

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