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The Real Gift of Christmas

What’s your favorite Christmas gift? For me as a child, it might have been a doll’s tea set, a flute, or another of Walter Farley’s Black Stallion books (the Island Stallion was my favorite). As an adult, hmm . . . My child’s artwork, a small hand pressed into plaster-of-paris and painted at school?  The Lladro piece that fit me perfectly, sent by my husband while he was out on his submarine?  Mostly, it’s just being with my family.Whatever it is for me, whatever it is for you, this is the real gift – and it’s fast become my all-time favorite short Christmas video. Share your thoughts in the comments below.  And take joy this Christmas season!

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Mother’s Day Guilt: Not This Time!

In church, the Sacrament Meeting talks on Mother’s Day are usually centered around – you guessed it – Mothers!  I used to enjoy them when the children were at home; they validated what I was doing with the kids and gave me encouragement and ideas to do more. Now that the kids are grown, though, my main reaction to those talks is usually guilt.  Guilt for things I didn’t do with my kids, guilt for things I tried but didn’t do well, and guilt for what I never thought of but might have helped in certain situations.  Mormon moms are great at guilt, and I’m no exception. But this Mother’s Day was different.  The first talk celebrated womanhood in general, based on Elder Cook’s talk from general conference.  And the second was focused on how Christ honored women, not only in His life, but through His prophets.  It was nice … Continue reading

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Two Days ’til Bryan’s Here!

It’s been two L-O-N-G years, but Bryan left Argentina this morning and will land in Dublin Thursday morning.  We’re heading up tomorrow evening, will spend the night and take him from the airport to the mission office to be released, then drive back down here (about 4 hours). We’re so proud of him, his willingness to serve the Lord, and how hard he’s worked.  And we’re so excited to see him again!  And he loved the Argentine people, but is excited to come home to Ireland (and Mom’s tuna & rice casserole).  Look for more here on Friday.

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