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Magic in the Oregon Cascades

With Dad being fairly stable and Mom not needing to go anywhere, I took the car last Saturday and visited my brother.  Mick is a forester who lives near Oakridge, up the slope of the Cascades from Eugene.  And, oh have I found something to dream of besides Ireland. We had a delightful lunch in Mick’s favorite pub, stopped at the bakery to enjoy the local sculptures and jewelry for sale, and then drove up the road looking for the turn-off to a trail Mick wanted to show me.  There’s not much snow-pack (which bodes ill for Oregon this summer), but January had a good chunk of rain, especially compared to December.  And when you combine rain with a windstorm, you get occasional trees down.  And then you hope that someone has come along and cleared the road.  We were lucky. We drove by memory – Mick hadn’t checked map … Continue reading

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Wildlife Safari and Elephant Car Wash

I haven’t been to Wildlife Safari in years, decades even, and Mom, Dad and I went last week with a special purpose:  an elephant car wash. We owned two cars, but as the old sedan was costing too much maintenance, so we got the cash for car and used the cash to enjoy on this trip. We drove through the park, had a close encounter with an emu (or was it an ostrich?), loved watching one giraffe wander in and out of the feeding barn and park vehicles looking for attention, and laughed at the hippo lying in the mud, not moving from one go-round to the other more than an hour later. The rhinos were up on a hill laying down and we couldn’t see them well, and the lions had their own pens within the lion enclosure, instead of being in the open  where we had to keep our … Continue reading

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