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Being Stuck at Home can be Good

My at-home college son started a job on Monday – Hurray! Same son taking my car because his was in the shop, leaving me stuck at home – Boo! I don’t like being stuck at home.  It cramps my style.  Can’t buy groceries, go to the gym, pop out for a last-minute errand.   I feel . . . um . . . tied down. On the other hand, I get a tremendous amount of work done. This trip to my parents’ isn’t just a quickie, and I not only had to figure out what I was taking, but tie up a lot of loose ends as well.  And, being the ever so brilliant procrastinator that I am, I had a lot of loose ends to tie up! My to-do list in the last week included such things as: Plant daffodils & tulips (Hey, I was busy in October! And even … Continue reading

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